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Cost of Vasectomy Reversal

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I’ve posted before about the cost of a vasectomy reversal surgery, but today I want to delve into the subject in more detail. Quite simply, vasectomy reversal costs vary widely. While mine was $6,600, I’ve seen quotes ranging from $1,500 to $15,000. It is typically an expensive surgery and, as an elective procedure, insurance usually will not cover it (we got a little lucky on that one). So in the interest of making you a better informed consumer, here are some resources I’ve come across that quote fees:

  • The cost of vasectomy reversal at the Vasectomy Reversal Center of New Jersey is $6,000, plus $150 for the initial consultation.
  • Vasectomy reversal costs $7,500 plus $75 for an initial consult at Vasectomy Reversals of Texas. They bill this as “turnkey” costs
  • The Advanced Fertility Center of Chicago cites vasectomy reversal costs of $10,000 to $15,000, including surgeon and hospital fees, even though most vasectomy reversal surgery is done on an outpatient basis these days.
  • At the Michigan Urology Center, vasectomy reversal costs $8,081 with local anesthesia or $9,391 with general anesthesia, plus a $196 fee for the initial consultation.
  • The Vasectomy Reversal Center of Florida lists their cost of vasectomy reversal at $3,900 plus a $50 consultation fee.
  • At the Microsurgical Center of East Bradenton, Florida, a vasectomy reversal costs $7,000.
  • Dr. Cary Leverett of New Braunfels, Texas, offers a low cost vasectomy reversal as part of a ministry, though his clinic does not discriminate on the basis of religion. His website lists a charge of $2,800 for a vasovasostomy with an extra $500 charge for a vaso-epididymostomy.
  • Dr. David S. Wilson of Muskogee, Oklahoma, offers the lowest cost of vasectomy reversal I have come across — $1,500 with a guarantee!
  • Other vasectomy reversal costs

    Other vasectomy reversal costs include travel costs and semen analysis. If the surgery location is far from home, you may need to stay in a local hotel the night before and the night after the surgery. Semen analysis may cost anywhere from $100-$300 each time you are tested.

    A cautionary note on the cost of vasectomy reversal

    The figures provided here are general estimates only. As I said before and as you can see, vasectomy reversal costs vary widely and will rise over time due to inflation. Regardless, do be careful to find out what is and is not included in vasectomy reversal cost estimates, and whether or not microsurgery will be done. These words of caution on vasectomy reversal cost from the Vasectomy Reversals of Texas website are worth heeding:

    All potential reversal patients ask the cost and this is usually one of the most important factors in their choice of surgeon. Unfortunately, even this is often surprisingly complicated. Is the price given just the surgeon’s fee, or the surgeon and facility charges, or the entire cost including anesthesia? You must ask, if the services included are not clearly described. Do you remember the car dealer “bait and switch” trick? Several reversal surgeons are using it. A low price quoted initially is for local anesthesia in the office. This later turns into several thousands of dollars more for general anesthesia in an accredited surgical facility. A quality reversal surgeon and certainly one who is accountable for his results, will prefer and should require general anesthesia and an accredited facility without compromise. Meticulous microsurgical vasectomy reversals are rarely performed in less than 2 ½ -3 hours. The patient must be perfectly still the entire time. The most common reason for inexpensive vasectomy reversal surgery is “naked eye” technique. I’ve seen a $1,750 and $2,200 total cost advertised. This is for “naked eye” reconnections under local anesthesia in the doctor’s uncertified office. Price alone is inadequate. You must know the services included and those that are not included.

    I hope you have found this helpful in estimating the range of issues involved and the cost of a vasectomy reversal.

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  • Hi to you both! Just chiming in with my two cents. Hubby’s reversal cost approximately $3600 (Ottawa, Canada at the Civic Hospital). The benefit here is that because reversals are covered by insurance in at least one province (Québec, because of dwindling population), then the cost of a reversal is at least partially covered in every other province. If that was not the case, there would be discrimination based on province of residence. Therefore, after all was said and done, hubby and I probably paid about $500 or $600 out of our own pockets.

    The cost was low enough, but the results were not good. For my husband, the reversal failed however for every one that fails, many more succeed. Just thought I’d let you know what the cost factor was for us.

    Sending love to you both!

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  • Gil,

    Not sure where you are getting your information from. Vasectomy reversal is not covered at all in British Columbia where we reside, or by most of the Canadian provinces. Cost for a vr in Vancouver was going to be $5900 +a $500 consult + GST (False Creek Medical Center). We ended up going across the border to Washington state to Dr. Finnerty (Dr. Bob). The cost was $4200.

  • My wife and I had trouble coming up with the money upfront. We were lucky enough that Dr Emanuel Friedman (Natick, MA) had financing options. The total cost was $4500 all inclussive (“FREE phone consultation”, initial consultation, surgery and the follow up visit). My wife conceived three months after the surgery.

  • Frank,
    We saw Dr Emanuel Friedman’s website and we’re thinking about having this procedure done as well. If you have any other information on him or if anyone else does please let me know.

  • Hi, I have just found your site whilst surfing around and noticed your discussion on Vasectomy Reversal. I live in the UK where the prices too vary very much and here too there is no opportunity for the cost to be covered by insurance. However, a price of £2265 covers the microsurgical procedure and the initial consultation at the local BMI private hospital in Nottingham. If you were to go to London I imagine that it would be so much more expensive. However, in Nottingham that price is the price with no additional costs and this includes semen analysis afterwards.

  • My husband got a vasectomy reversal about 12 yrs ago. He is now 44 and I am 29. We are both wanting to have a baby and the place we looked into was in Mo. the cost of everything is 12,000 . The % of this working is 93-98% But the problem is coming up with that kind of money and since our insurance won’t pay for it b/c he did this volentarly. Does anyone know what Dr. on this site that is trustworthy?

  • angela –
    12,000 is more than we paid, and I know there are reputable docs out there that charge less. What area of the country are you in? You should be able to find someone good and “affordable” in most parts of the country.

    good luck,

  • My fiance decided to have a vasectomy during his previous marriage; however, we are now wanting a child of our own. We live in Vancouver British Columbia and are not sure of to many Dr.s Does anyone know of a good reputable place in Vancouver or close to…(we are willing to even travel a little ways across the boarder)


  • Well, I am scheduled for a reversal tomorrow morning at the Ottawa Riverside Hospital, and the total cost comes to $3,945.00 for micro surgery.
    $1,500 goes to the surgeon.
    $600 goes to the Anesthesia Association.
    $1,845 goes to the hospital.

    I am quite happy to see that some of that cost might be recoverable. Thank you Gil.

    Hope all goes well… :)

  • hello I am interested in Dr. Wilson about an hour away from Tulsa, OK. he charges 1500. and thats for everything with 100% guarantee the total for time and travel will cost me and my husband 3000.00 but we dont have it can anyone help or lead us to someone who can possibly help us through donations thanks

  • My husband used Dr. David Wilson in OK, he was great! He talks really fast, so you will have to listen closely when he speaks but my husband was pleased with the surgery. He had his reversal Nov. 5, 2010. We are going to start trying to have a baby in December 2010. We paid $500 deposit and $1200 there at this office.

  • LisaD please tell if it was good news after trying. I’m thinking of going for the VR but scared that it wont work.

  • Jacie,

    My husband and I are thinking of going to Dr. Finnerty in Washington state in a few months. I was wondering if you were pleased with how the surgery went and if you have an update about any pregnancy possibilities since your last post? Thanks!

  • my husband used Dr. Wilson..paid 500.00 down and 12oo.oo at time of surgery. We really liked him and the cost was very affordable. Surgery and travel expenses for us was less than $2400.00 We flew out from Ga. in July 2010 and still trying to get pregnant. I am a little worried but I am 44 yrs of age and hubby is 41…God told us that we were going to conceive a daughter back in March through my dreams so I am going to trust that it will be in his timing. Please pray for us and that it will happen soon because I am not getting any younger. Thanks

  • Hi, I am going to fly into Canada, Ottawa to visit my family this time. I also want to have a vasectomy reversal – can anyone post a good reliable doctor detail with contact details. This would be much appreciated. Thanks.

  • Hi, it’s me again! We used Dr. Wilson (OK) in Nov 2010, and we started trying in Dec 2010. Today January 5, 2011 I am 5 weeks pregnant!! My husband had his Vasectomy 5 year post operation and Dr. Wilson only found heads on the left side and gave us a 61% chance of conceiving. Just a FYI! Good Luck to Everyone!

  • Congrats Lisa!!! We are hoping to be seeing Dr. Wilson soon- its so great to hear of your success!!!

  • Hi,
    Wondering if anyone has tried the option of having the sperm manually removed rather then going through the reversal. I have heard this is cheaper. Does anyone have a recommend for a reversal doctor in the Northern California area?

  • We asked about having the sperm aspirated. I seem to remember the doc saying you won’t get enough to use without going the route of IVF.
    We used Dr Gould in Sacramento with success!

  • My husband had a vasectomy 30 years ago. He is now 55. I am 39. We have decided after 10 years of mariage to look into having a reversal and trying for our own child together. I am very scared that it has been too long and we will not be able to conceive after investing so much money. I live by Sacramento, Ca. and would like to know where to even start at. Any suggestions out there?

  • Hello After fathering 2 children and a marital breakdown,I had a no scalpel vasectomy in 2007. I am getting married soon and as my fiance does not have any children of her own we have decided to try for a little miracle. Is there anyone that has actually had success in a vasectomy reversal done in Canada? I have seen a few postings on here but no follow-up. I am not against going to the US , however just thinking closer to home the better. I live in the Ottawa / Kingston area.
    I would like the names of some Dr.’s or clinics, (successful or not) that people have used and what the outcome and costs were.
    I am 46 and I am in good physical condition. Thanks

  • FYI, if you’re a veteran who’s honorably served (entitled to VA care) the VA covers the surgery. You may have to pay a $50 copay (or nothing if you’re receiving a service connected disability benefit). The only thing is you have to be a little patient with the scheduling, as I could take a few months to get the consult and surgery. But to save $6000-15000, it’s worth it. Doctors are usually affiliated with other hospitals/practices, so they’re pretty good. I had my consult yesterday and should have the surgery done in about a month from now.

  • Wow! Thanks for the VA info. You may have jsut saved us $15,000!!! Good luck to you!

  • Hi im 38 years old my fiance is 42 after having a scapla vasectomy with my previous marriage, my fiance and i are wanting a child. It has been a very confusing journey. I’m looking for a reputable dr. to do my reversal at a reasonable cost. My fiance and i are both from Texas does anyone have any views on which dr. to choice Dr. Wilson from Ok. or Dr. Leverett from Texas.

  • We are in Portland, Oregon and are willing to travel up to a 7 hour drive to find someone good and affordable. Any recommendations?

  • My husband had a reversal done in July 2010 and we have yet to conceive. There were sperm in his tests he had done. We paid 5000 cdn total in Alberta. 2500 to surgeon and 250o to clinic. Nothing wrong with me. You roll the dice on this one….

  • To “Portland Oregon”:
    Were you able to find any good and affordable physicians? We’re in Eugene, Oregon and looking for the same. Thanks.

  • TONY: where would I start looking for the VA to cover my hubby’s VR? Do I call the local branch of the VA medical center? Any info on how you went about doing that would be awesome !

  • how can i get ahold of dr. wilson in oklahoma???

  • We are using Dr. David Wilson in 3 weeks. If you google his name and vas. reversal you will see his website. Also if you go to the baby center website there is a forum for “trying to conceive after vas reversal” these ladies have TONS of info on all different Dr’s from all over. Check it out :-)

  • My husband and I both have children from 1st marriages and would love one of our own. We have been researching alot and have come across Dr. Grober in Toronto. I don’t mind traveling, but there has to be someone closer? His clinic charges $5000. Anyone know of someone in western Canada and recommend them as well. :)


  • Hi everyone,
    My husbnd and I looking for a good reliable doctor in Singapore or any of the East Asia country for vas reversal. Anyone know of a good one in this area?

  • Hey just wondering if anyone has any more info on the VA paying for the reversal? I have tried I have called everyone I can think of in the VA and they all say since it is not service related it will not be covered. But I have heard so many people who the VA did cover it. I am in MN and so frustrated with it all. So anyone with more info about it please let me know. Thanks

  • We had an amazing experience with Dr. Sommers for a vasectomy reversal in St. Louis. The total cost was $2800 (although I think he raised his price recently). After just a couple of weeks, we’ve already seen sperm in our home microscope! Hubby said the recovery was easier than the vasectomy. It was done under local (not knocked out).

    His website is

  • Any information welcomed on a vasectomy reversal specialists in the North Texas area (DFW area).


  • Kelly,
    Can you tell me more about Dr. Sommers? I am weary of the low cost and without knowing anyone who used him, I want to make sure this is the right choice. Thanks!

  • Another successful reversal family in Northern CA. Also used Dr Gould. We were in the had vasectomy, regretted it boat. So if your looking for someone in Nor CA or willing to travel to Roseville, check out Northern California fertility medical clinic. We went on to have 3 more children after the reversal. So worth it!

  • We are a couple here in souther california.. who do not have the money upfront for an expensive reversal.. does anyone know of a dr here that offers low prices.. or maybe flying to another state with a low price reversal may be benefitial i see with reading alot of the comments.. any inputs and recommendations appreciated.. thanks

  • Hi, I was wondering if anyone had any info on a low cost vr doctor in Utah or nearby.. Kinda desperate as me and my wife really want another baby

  • I was wondering if anyone had any information on Dr Emanuel Friedman. My husband and i have an appointment coming up with him soon.

  • We live in WA. state. Looking at traveling to Dr. Wilson in Oklahoma for a vr but wondering if there is anyone in a similar price range closer to WA. that is recommended? Been 7 years since v.

  • I’m in Seattle and interested in rates and experiences of people in our area. I know there are a few fertility clinics that do reversal, but I havent heard from anyone who has used them.

    And Mary — please post any follow up information you’ve found! Thanks!

  • I live in Spokane,WA. I have done some research h here in Spokane. The cost for a reversal is $6,000. My husband and I are considering going to St. Louis. The Physician fee is $1500. I am calling about the anesthesia and operating room fee tomorrow. We are lucky enough to have family near St. Louis. I pray for a miracle as I pray for all of you in the same boat. Good luck to you all!

  • Nate,
    I’ve been looking for a good VR doctor close to us and found Dr. Ryan Larsen in Logan , UT. We haven’t gotten to see him yet but the price we were quoted for everything was about $1700. Google his name and you should be able to find the number for his clinic.

  • Michele,
    I am looking for one in Utah as well. Is it $1700.00 up front or do the let you put some down and make payments on it? Let me know when you see him what you think of the DR please.

  • I just had a reversal done in Toronto by Dr. Ethan Grober for post vasectomy pain from a vasectomy I had only a year ago. I suffered extreme discomfort in the testicle, and abdomen area as well as chronic prostatitis issue shorty after the vasectomy. Docters in Alberta pretty much told me that it was all in my head and proceeded to prescribe to me yet some other drug. Any men out there looking at this forum with pain I strongly urge you to give Dr. Grober a chance. He was very nice and I only used two pills out of my pain medication prescription! That was 6 days ago and I already have relief from the Post vasectomy pain problems I had. Dr. Grober said sometimes men can have pain from nerves or pressure and the reversal can help cases that are from pressure. Thank God I found this Doctor and I thank him and the great staff at the Women’s College Hospital where Dr. Grober did the reversal.

  • Wow. So good to find a community that’s going through this. My fiance and I are on our way home from an initial consultation with Dr. La Nasa of Metairie, LA. The quote was 15,000. We are willing to pay on the higher end or travel for a reputable physician but that is sooo much. We live in Biloxi, MS. Any recommendations???

  • Hello out there!
    I’m curious as to what any of you Oregon-ians have drummed up…we live in Eugene and are on the hunt….
    Hope that all’s going well for each of you!

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